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Vector Biol J Objectives: Accurate identification of these insects is critical to avoiding mistakes in the recognition of vector and non-vector species, so the invariant phenotypic patterns displayed by the females of L.

Our goal was to examine genetic variation in the females of L. Genetic structure analysis indicated that the studied L. The SNPs observed in the period gene will be useful for future studies of molecular eco-epidemiology in areas where these species occur in sympatry.

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The phlebotomine sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis sensu lato is the principal vector of visceral leishmaniasis VL in the New World [ 1 ]. The second pair on the third tergite may be smaller than the pair on the fourth and this is sometimes deated as an intermediate form [ 2 ]. There are reports of intermediate forms of L. Several studies have shown that spot morphology cannot be used as a species-specific character [ 23 ]. Although these patterns of pale spots are not species-specific, they may be useful in identifying sympatric species in localities where intermediates are very rare, as occurs in Sobral [ 4 ], Jaiba, and Estrela de Alagoas [ 5 ].

Unlike the males, however, the females are morphologically undistinguishable: they do not present abdominal pale spots either 1S or 2Sand this causes difficulties in studies of courtship and mating behaviors. In Sobral, two sympatric populations of L. Multilocus analyses have also been performed on the L.

Among the studied loci, period per is widely known to be involved in the control of Drosophila circadian rhythms in eclosion and locomotor activity [ 1112 ]. In sand flies, per has been utilized in population genetic studies to identify possible members of the L. Studies aiming to evaluate the genetic structure of the females of L. Using analysis of microsatellite loci and pheromone types, however, identification of the females is now possible, and so the different population genetics of the females and males in this complex can now be studied [ 14 ].

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In contrast to the females, several taxonomic, evolutionary, and behavioral studies have been performed using L. Accurate identification of these insects is critical to avoiding mistakes in the recognition of vector and non-vector species [ 19 ], so the invariant phenotypic patterns displayed by the females of L. Both localities also are considered part of the Caatinga biome, with vegetation composed mainly of ligneous and herbaceous species with a high degree of xerophily. Sand flies were trapped in the vicinity of houses and domestic animal shelters using two to five CDC miniature light traps positioned approximately 0.

Collections were made from April to September Sand flies were identified according to Young and Duncan [ 21 ], and L. For the capture of the flies, consent from household owners was obtained before setting traps in and around their homes, and also near the shelters of domestic animals.

Each sample was sequenced in duplicate and the sequencing evaluated with the Pregap4 program [ 23 ] based on the values of Phred 40 [ 24 ].

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Heterozygous individuals were not observed. Of the 53 sequences of L. To generate a minimum evolution tree using MEGA v.

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The sequences corresponding to the period gene in 1S and 2S male L. The conserved and variables sites parsimony-informative and singletons were also verified using MEGA v. For optimal viewing of polymorphisms, the parsimony-informative sites were exported into sequence logos using Weblogo v.

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For the identification of SNPs, comparative analyses were done using the period sequences of L. The genetic structuring of the L. Markov Chain Monte Carlo MCMC simulations were performed withinteractions of the burn-in period and followed by 1, steps. Intra-population genetic diversity was assessed in terms of haplotype and nucleotide diversity, K value of genetic groupsof polymorphic sites, and of transitions and transversions; diversity was measured using DnaSP v. Genetic differentiation was assessed with the pairwise fixation index F st using Arlequin v.

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The average of substitutions per site among populations Dxythe total of substitutions per site among populations Dathe of shared polymorphisms among populations Ssand the of fixed differences among populations Sf were calculated using DnaSP v. Altogether, 53 L. Three single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs were identified within the bp fragment of the period gene used in our analyses. In the genetic structure analysis of L. Figure 2: Schematic representation of polymorphisms in a bp fragment of the period gene using Weblog.

Genetic structure of sympatric populations of female lutzomyia longipalpis (diptera: psychodidae) in sobral and caririaçu, ceará state, brazil

Shown are the sequences obtained from L. Font size is indicative of the frequency of a nucleotide at any given site. Fixed blue arrows. This result indicates that the separation is associated with the abdominal spots 1S and 2S of L. The 1S-like specimens were ased to the red group and 2S-like specimens were ased to the green group. The Evanno method predicted that the most likely of populations was two.

Genetic structure of sympatric populations of female lutzomyia longipalpis (diptera: psychodidae) in sobral and caririaçu, ceará state, brazil

Figure 4: Minimum evolution topology tree of the 53 sequences of Lutzomyia longipalpis inferred under the K2P model. s on the interior branches represent posterior probabilities obtained in the ME analysis.

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The L. A similar pattern was observed when comparing the 2S-like populations amongst themselves. However, the F st values were the highest when comparing the two different phenotypes, even from the same locality Table 2. Identical values of F st were observed when populations of L. Analysis of the parsimony-informative sites indicated the presence of two group of female Lutzomyia longipalpis 1S-like and 2S-like.

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In a study, L. These indicate that there may be prezygotic barriers between the members of the L. The fixed polymorphisms TC, CT, and CT observed in the period gene will be particularly useful for the differentiation of 1S and 2S females in localities where they occur as sympatric species, just as they are in male L. In male L. The period gene is an effective tool to identify members of a species complex, as proved in Lutzomyia umbratilis [ 32 ].

The minimum evolution approach for L. Our analyses also indicated that these two genetically distinct populations are correlated with abdominal spot patterns, as ly suggested for sympatric populations of L. The SNPs observed in the period gene were useful to relate L.

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Download PDF. N, sample size; Hd, haplotypic diversity. Fst : pair-wise genetic differentiation. Dxy: average of nucleotide substitutions per site between populations. Da: of net nucleotide substitutions per site between populations. Ss: of shared polymorphisms between population pairs.

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Sf: of fixed differences between population pairs. Track Your Manuscript. Recommended Conferences. Tweets by.

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