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Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories.

Lonely Wife I am a 37 years old and doing my own small business. This is the story of my first sexual experience after my marriage. One of cousin had gone to USA from last three years. His wife Samina was living alone with her to children. Her son was at the age of 12 and daughter was She was in her maid thirty. She heard from someone that her husband has married in USA. She became very sad and restless.

After conformation from her husband on phone that it is truth and he was compelled to marry. They were always talked with her about he husband and the peoples told her that men never live without a woman. Now she was became an anxiety and depression. She was near to mad thinking always about it. As she was wife of our cousin but she herself very good friend of my wife. Now she was thinking that if men cannot live without a woman how woman can live without a man.

She has told my wife that now she also think about sex, as she has never thought about a sex other man except her husband. She has no way to full fell her desire of sex.

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She used to talk about the sex with her maidservant and some time my wife asking from her that how much time she fucked in a week? Or other questions like these. Now she used to watch the blue film and dirty magazines. Which she brought by her maidservant? As my wife was really a little foolish so she always told me the whole discussions they were did.

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And she told me that Samina says that she used to fingering herself. Although she was in her 35 and mother of tow young children but she was still a perfect and looking young.

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She has very slim and slender body, which she had maintain with great pleasure for her husband. She has a very beautiful and her complexion was white and reddish with along black hairs and black eyes. She was the perfect symbol of the beauty. When she use to go to market all of peoples at least stare once to her.

Lonely housewife

Once when my wife was in her paternal home just one day before, my mother asked me that if you are free then go with me to cousin home to meet his family. We went in my car there. We meet Samina and her children.

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Samina asked about my wife, as she knew that she is in her parental home that when she is coming back. And I told her that she would probably stay there 15 days as she has gone after along time. After some time when we were coming back. She asked me my mobile phone saying that this is necessary if she fell some trouble then it will be easy to call me.

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And asked me that mat I call you? I said why not defiantly. I told her that this time I am much busy but after an hour it will be possible. She agreed with me and I went to her home to pic her for the meeting. She ahs wore a black color very tight shilwar qamiz that was matching with her milky color very much. She sat in back set in the car.

Lonely housewife & helpful neighbor

I started driving and we reached to school after half an hour while on the way we were talked all about the children psychology. She just came out after half an hour. Now I look up at her and found her so graceful and pretty. A fragrance mixed of her body and perfumed she used stunned me. I was looking her breast, which were up right like an arrogant mountain. I talked very little with her on our way to home. When we reached to her home.

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I asked her if I might go now. She replied how you can go like this. Come in with me in home and at least take a cup of coffee. I said no thank you I have some work to do and we will take it some other day.

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She replied who saw other day. She caught my hand and nearly dragged me in her home. She asked me to sit in lounge. She took off her dupata and went to the kitchen.

When she came back from the kitchen with a tray of tea, I noted that she has opened one button of her qamiz. Her white milky breasts were clearly visible now due to its opening. When she bent before me to take me the tea I was staring her boobs.

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I was taking tea and talking her but I was thinking about her tits. She was looking so voluptuous and was the most difficult tome for me to take tea. Her one hand was on the back of sofa and suddenly I felt her finger caress in my hair. I was shocked for awhile and stair her. She smiled a naughty.

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She was still fingering in my hairs and I was became so nervous, I felt my hands wet by sweat. She asked me why you are seeing so up set and nervous. I said no I am all right, there is nothing wrong. Then she slid very close to me and she took my head in her hands and put her hot lips on mine. I was still in trance. She was licking my lips by her tongue and she inserted her tongue in my mouth.

I started to it. After some time she took my tongue in her mouth and sucked it very passionately. She was totally lost her sense by now and was sucking, licking all my face. I became very exited and aroused. I throw my shyness and started to licking her neck, ears eyes and I lick even her nose. Now my hands were on her boobs and were rubbing and squeezing them. Now I was trying to taking off her qamiz and she helped me to take her qamiz off.

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I unhooked her bra and pulled it. I throw her qamiz and bra on floor. She has got the best teat from heaven. They were neither too big nor small but a desirable breast.

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Rob Jenkins was taking the garbage to the alley just as the sun came up.


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