2mm clear cell cast acrylic sheet cutting acrylic board
  • 2mm clear cell cast acrylic sheet cutting acrylic board

2mm clear cell cast acrylic sheet cutting acrylic board

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Description 2mm clear cast perspex and acrylic sheet supplier for aquarium,project,processing,acrylic box,jewelry display stand

2mm clear cell cast acrylic sheet cutting acrylic board

PERSPEX acrylic sheet is a most useful material in the workshop ,because it can be used to make precision engineering components for both domestic and industrial products. Typical applications include signs,glazing, safety screening, rooflighting, furniture, lighting fittings and a great many industrial parts for the medical and chemical industries. 

Acrylic sheet/ perspex properties:

· high transparency

· weather-resistance, chemical-resistance, physical-resistance

· surper impack-resistance

· Easily thermoformable with simple workshop tools. 

· Good resistance to impact. 

· A high gloss, hard surface. 

· eco-friendly ,nontoxic

· long working life

· all kinds of sizes and colors are avaliable

· Capable of being fully recycled.   

With cast acrylic sheet production process( Assembly line), the thickness tolerance is quite standard and the surface is smooth; The hardness of clear sheet is 94-95(some even reach to 96)

Specific gravity




Absorptivity of water (24h)



colorful cast plexiglass sheet

Coefficient of Rupture


Coefficient of Elasticity



colorful cast plexiglass sheet

Coefficient of Rupture


Coefficient of Elasticity


Transmittance (parallel rays)


Full rays


Heat Distortion Temperature


Coefficient of Linear Expansion

colorful cast plexiglass sheet

Ultimae Temperature of Continuous operation


Thermoforming Ranges


Insulation Strength


2mm acrylic sheet2mm acrylic sheet2mm acrylic sheet
2mm acrylic sheet

2mm acrylic sheet

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