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Features of cast acrylic sheet
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Features of cast acrylic sheet



 Acrylic sheet  is a versatile, flexible, lightweight and durable foamed PVC sheet that is ideal for use in advertising and construction.

Acrylic sheet   exhibits the whitest color available and was successfully tested by the majority of digital flatbed printer manufacturers. Printers and advertisers may benefit from its constantly smooth and bright surface for producing high quality displays.


Acrylics have outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering. It has excellent optical properties and is more resistant to impact than glass. In addition, acrylic has low water absorption, good electrical resistivity, and fair tensilestrength. Applications are infinite, including art installations, outdoor signs, glazing, aircraft canopies, skylights, auto tail-lights, dials, buttons, lighting applications, knobs, and machine covers.


Features and Benefits


• Optimally designed for digital printing


• Bright white, smooth and uniform surface


• Available in a wide range of standard and special designer colors


• Standard matt or gloss finishes


• Good insulation, lower heat transmission


• Non-toxic


• Flammability: self- extinguishing


• Easily worked with conventional tools,prints and paints


• Easily bonded, formed, nailed and bolted


• Low water absorption


• High chemical resistance

 Applications of Plexiglas sheet/Acrylic mirror board:

Construction: show window, doors, light-absorpting shade, telephone booth.

Advertisement: lamphouse,signboard,indicator,display rack.

vehicle: door and window of car and train.

Medical: infant incubator, many kinds of medical apparatus.

Civilian goods: bath room, art work, cosmetics, bracket.

Industrial: instruments and meters and protecting cover

Lighting: daylight lamp, ceiling lamp,lamp shade