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The Tips of How to Storage Acrylic Block
www.acrylicsheetmanufacturer.com 2015/7/10 19:57:02

The Tips of How to Storage Acrylic Block

1. acrylic sheet is likely to expand when the temperature is over 100°C, so the continuous temperature dont exceed 90°C.


2.The surface hardness of acrylic sheet is as hard as aluminum alloy; Polish it with the abrasive material for aluminum when it is scratched in abnormal condition.


3.Space between acrylic sheets should be left out when construction, regarding the weight, load and temperature.


4. Acrylic sheet can cause static; clean the surface with mull dipping 1% suds.


5. Keep the warehouse dry and well-ventilated, and from fire.


6. Use elastic material such as rubber when processing base material.